10 Tips to Identify True Hunger from Emotional Eating

It’s 11:30am and I’m already starving!! Some of the instructors and clients at CarmelBarre suckered me into doing a 2-day juice cleanse. With a combination of peer pressure and a good discount, I couldn’t say no. I’ve never really believed in cleanses. Most likely, if you are eating clean 80% of the time and staying active, your body is fully capable of cleansing out toxins on its own. However, a reset is never a bad thing. I’m most intrigued by the cleanse’s promises of reduced sugar cravings and increased energy.

10 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

So, here we are, day 1 and I’m already struggling. Other than the hunger pains and desire to chew something 6 hours into the cleanse (I wake up at 5am on Tuesdays to teach a 6am barre class), I do feel lighter and my energy levels have actually been great so far. Okay, admitting it now, I had a coffee (no milk) this morning. I just can’t give up my  morning cup of coffee haha. I will definitely let all of you know how I feel after this is all finished.

10 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

Stretching before 6am barre classes!

Let me know – have you ever tried a juice cleanse? Did you like it??

The other important part of cleansing is resetting your body’s hunger cues. So much of the time we find ourselves mindlessly munching out of boredom, stress, depression, excitement, etc, the list goes on. The main point is that food should be eaten when we are hungry and used as fuel to power us through our day. Instead, as a society, we’ve all become emotional eaters. Am I saying you shouldn’t enjoy your food? Absolutely not! Food should be cherished, shared with others, and savored. You should definitely enjoy every bite of food, fully. If you can do this even 80% of the time you will feel more satisfied and actually end up eating less! However, deciphering true biological hunger from emotional eating triggers can be tricky. Here are a 10 tips to help you get started!

10 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

  1. Drink a glass of water. Are you still hungry? Oftentimes we are just thirsty.
  2. Brush your teeth. Are you still hungry? The minty flavor will help cut cravings.
  3. Go for a walk around the block or do push ups and sit ups. Are you still hungry? Sometimes we’re just anxious or bored and some quick exercise will solve the problem.
  4.  Doodle, shop online, paint your nails, or call a friend. Are you still hungry? Eating is not a past-time.
  5. Pick up a book and turn off the TV. Are you still hungry? It’s hard to miss those tempting images of gooey pizza cheese, warm cinnamon rolls, or fast food images we see during commercial breaks.
  6. Think about eating fruits and vegetables. Are you still hungry? If we are feeling true hunger, our bodies will crave good, wholesome, from-the-ground food.
  7. Light a lavender candle and take a hot bath or shower. Are you still hungry? It’s so easy to use food as a stress-relief but it can be just as easy to find healthier ways to cope.
  8. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit, a new exercise class, or a coffee date with a friend. Are you still hungry? Oftentimes we reward ourselves with food. Instead, find non-food-related rewards to nix the habit.
  9. Take a nap or better yet, go to bed earlier! Are you still hungry? It’s harder to fight cravings when we are fatigued. In fact, if you are sleep deprived you can actually feel hungrier all day long.
  10. Chew a piece of gum. Are you still hungry? Sometimes the mere act of chewing can cut cravings without diving into the snack cabinet.

Well I’m off to train more clients and teach a Cardio Sculpt class tonight while trying to not think about food!

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