The What, When, and How's of Cardio

The What, When, & How’s of Cardio

There’s a “c-word” in fitness, and no it’s not the one you’re thinking of! Get your minds out of the gutter. The word I’m talking about is… cardio! I LOVE cardio. Running, sprinting, biking, dancing, stair climbing, you name it. I live for the adrenaline I get from pushing myself to run faster, bike harder, or dance bigger. However, for many of you, cardio is like the opposite sex. You can’t live with it or without it. You know it’s good for you and helps you burn fat but you just dread it. This love-hate relationship is totally normal. Cardio can be extremely boring and time consuming… if you’re doing it wrong! Today is the day your cardio gets a makeover. Read More

I’m Official! Who Wants to Get Fit One-On-One With Me?!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to say I have taken another step towards my fitness career goals. Friday I was officially certified as a National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer! After countless hours of studying, practice in the gym, and about 400 flash cards, I passed my test. Since I have been researching and exploring nutrition and fitness on my own as a hobby for the past 6 years (ever since working the Front Desk at Equinox Fitness in Los Angeles whilein college), a lot of the training principles in the course were reinforcing the concepts I already knew. However, my Communication and Marketing degree from University of Southern California was no help when it came down to learning scientific Read More