My First Vlog – Maui, a Booty Workout, & Pancakes!

Aloha! I’m in heaven enjoying a vacation in Maui with my dad and brother. Every morning I’ve gotten up early without issue (Maui is three hours behind PST) to pump out some awesome workouts before heading out for beach time, adventures, shopping, and relaxing. All of my favorite things wrapped up into one beautiful island. More of my trip to come in later blog posts!   Funny enough, though, one of the things I’m enjoying most is the extra time I have to produce content for you guys 🙂 – starting with this vlog! Which, if any of you don’t know, stands for a “video blog.” In this vlog, you’ll get a peak inside of my morning routine here in Hawaii, Read More

7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

Motivation is not a constant. Inspiration comes in waves. I’m sure you’ve experienced that “Monday” feeling where you decide to put the world on your shoulders and sprint only to find yourself feeling burnt out 2 weeks later. The feeling is fleeting because most of us resist monotony. Even I have days where I don’t feel like going to the gym or decide to set fire to the wind and enjoy an indulgent treat. On occasion, going to happy hour with your friends instead of going to the gym or eating pizza instead of your normal healthy dinner is absolutely okay (and actually good for your mental health)! But, if you find yourself still not feeling motivated to sweat or make Read More

Glute, Leg, & Core 30-Minute Kettlebell Workout & a 21-Day No Grazing Challenge!

Hey guys! First off, I wanted to give a warm welcome to all my new subscribers! Welcome to my blog. I’m so happy you’ve found a connection to my content! I would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to always let me know what content you want to see on this blog. More workouts? Healthy recipes? Challenges? My personal fitness journey? Don’t hesitate to speak up 🙂 Currently,  I’m writing an average of one blog post every other week but I would love to bump up this frequency! Just gotta fit it all in, ya know? Okay onto the goods! Lately, my own workouts, as well as the workouts I write for my clients, have been really inspired by kettlebells Read More

2-Day Juice Cleanse Review and IMPROVED Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Hello my loves! Happy second Monday! I truly mean it. After a very restful Sunday nights sleep (because, guess what?! I don’t get Sunday night anxiety anymore!), Monday started off with a great 6am workout that included 30 minutes of treadmill sprints/intervals, 4 minutes of squats, and then a total upper body lifting sesh. Feeling sore but oh so good! Worked an inspiring shift at the gym (more to come on this later!), came home to eat some homemade chicken soup and an Envy apple (so delish!) for lunch, and then taught two barre classes last night at the studio. Got up this morning to the stillness of a 5am wake up call to teach an awesome 6am CarmelBarre class. Now, I’m finishing up Read More

7 Day No Sugar Challenge and Challenge Approved Creamy Mashed Cauliflower Recipe!

Another amazingly packed week has passed and I haven’t been able to write until now! With all the newness going on in my life, I think one blog post a week is what I can handle at the moment. However, I do post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter more often! So, if you’re missing me the other six days of the week make sure to follow my social media accounts :). From my new career, to living in a new city, to getting accustomed with a new lifestyle, there’s a whole lot of “newness” in my life. This past week I acquired my first personal training clients! I officially have a regular and it feels so good! Even more exciting, and of course a bit nerve-racking, Read More