My First Vlog – Maui, a Booty Workout, & Pancakes!

Aloha! I’m in heaven enjoying a vacation in Maui with my dad and brother. Every morning I’ve gotten up early without issue (Maui is three hours behind PST) to pump out some awesome workouts before heading out for beach time, adventures, shopping, and relaxing. All of my favorite things wrapped up into one beautiful island. More of my trip to come in later blog posts!   Funny enough, though, one of the things I’m enjoying most is the extra time I have to produce content for you guys 🙂 – starting with this vlog! Which, if any of you don’t know, stands for a “video blog.” In this vlog, you’ll get a peak inside of my morning routine here in Hawaii, Read More

How Long Do You Need to Workout to See Results?

I can’t believe it. My dream career is manifesting right in front of my eyes! My weeks currently consist of bouncing around from personal training at the gym, co-teaching classes and finishing instructor training at CarmelBarre, fitting in my own workouts, blogging for all of you lovelies, and studying for my ACSM. And now as of this weekend, I officially have my Zumba teaching license! Speaking of which, I can now offer you 10% off all Zumba Wear at! Just use my personal promo code: EMILYF10 at checkout! My days are packed but I am more energized than ever before. Why? Because I am living my dream and having so much fun along the way! Lacking energy? Get on my level!!! Try one of my Read More

Become a Lean & Mean Cardio Machine!

So I had a day on Wednesday. You know the ones I’m talking about. The type of days where no amounts of caffeine or protein pancake cereal can bring out my normal bubbly personality.  After scrolling through my Instagram feed trying to find fitspiration (yes I went there) and grinding out some emails, I decided to kick my butt into gear, down some pre-workout, and sweat it out. Well, well, well, who would’ve known. Well, yeah, I did. A sweat session cures all! After trudging through the first ten minutes of my treadmill warm up I caught the bug and was ready to pump it out. I love when that happens. Sometimes you just need to suck it up for the first 10 to Read More