Day 8 Leg Workout

12 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 8: Light Up Your Legs Workout

It’s the last stretch of your 12 Days of Fitness Holiday Workout Challenge, lady. Don’t quit on me now! Do you feel rejuvenated after you Silent Night Stretch? Do you feel leaner from consistent workouts and a clean diet? Let me know how your progress is going! I want to hear where you’re excelling and also where you need a little more guidance! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask as well. We are revving our workouts back up! The Light Up Your Legs Workout will tone shapely, strong legs that are always on trend. This workout will sculpt your stems from every angle. Hello New Year’s Eve mini dress! Grab a set of dumbbells and get-a-tonin’!     Read More

12 Days of Fitness Baby It's Cold Outside Booty Workout

12 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 3: Baby It’s Cold Outside Booty Workout

Day 3 of your 12 Days of Fitness Holiday Workout Challenge and you are rocking it! Are you sore? Good! Keep up the hard work. You’ll thank me later, I promise! You don’t need to ask Santa for a perky booty! This workout is your ticket to a lifted, sculpted derriere. There’s no equipment needed unless you want to add an extra challenge and grab a small, circular resistance band. Download your printable version by right clicking here and selecting “Save File As.” Don’t forget to check in once you’ve completed your Baby It’s Cold Outside Booty Workout on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for a chance to win these amazing prizes from Brooks Running, Lucy Acitvewear, and Carmel Barre! Upload a photo to Life in Spandex’s Facebook Read More

Living Room Total Body Workout

Living Room Total Body Workout

The holiday season is officially upon us! Houses are decorated with sparkling lights, offices are filled with tempting sweets, and there’s a chill in the air that makes you want to just curl up in a ball on your couch and hibernate. We’ve all been there. Some mornings (or nights) are just too darn dark and cold to workout outside or motivate you to get to the gym. However, I want to make sure your #noexcuse game is strong this holiday season! For the times when you don’t want to leave the couch, I created this no-equipment needed Living Room Total Body workout so you don’t have to! To burn the most calories and sculpt lean muscle simultaneously, this workout targets your largest muscle Read More

My Trip to Southern California and a No Gym Needed Booty Superset Workout

Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts, newbies, and dreamers! I know, I know, I didn’t post last Sunday as promised. However, I have a very good excuse! I was rooting on the Giants at Dodger Stadium with my family in a beautiful ballpark suite to celebrate Father’s Day :). Unfortunately, we lost but we won the previous two, so I guess it’s ok. Regardless, it was a beautiful weekend spent with a whole bunch of people I love so I can’t really complain. Here are some photos from my trip! I have been totally OBSESSED with Superset workouts lately. They really get your heart-rate up and time goes by quickly because you’re constantly changing up the exercises. When I was in Southern California Read More