Summer Shape Up Series: Barre Inspired Arms Workout

Life in Spandex Summer Shape Up Workout Series Barre Arms #workoutwednesday

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Every #WorkoutWednesday during the Summer Shape Up Series, I will be posting a NEW workout to keep things fresh. We’re three days in to the first week. How are you feeling?? Today, we are sculpting and shaping toned arms to rock during the warmer months. Pull out your halter, strapless, and tank tops! You’re going to want to show off your guns after this workout.

A combination of small, isometric, and big movements will target even the littlest muscles in your arms! Think sculpted shoulders, lean biceps, and toned triceps. Sounds good, right? Don’t be fooled by the light weight recommendations, this “do anywhere” workout burns!

Life in Spandex Summer Shape Up Workout Series #workoutwednesday

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15 thoughts on “Summer Shape Up Series: Barre Inspired Arms Workout

  1. I’m working it Em!!! I sure appreciate your inspiration and reminder that we are always a work in progress. Love you xxxxx

  2. I need to start doing tricep dips! I used to do them when I still lived with my parents because they had a solid wood coffee table. Don’t have anything like that anymore.

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