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I am now offering Customized Nutrition Coaching! Whether you need a kitchen overhaul, want help at the grocery store, and/or need one-on-one nutritional coaching, I can help you!

Want to lose weight, build muscle, train for an event, improve fitness levels, and feel good while doing it? As an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Precision Nutrition Specialist, I have 2 years experience working with men and women of all ages in personal training and nutrition coaching.

This is not your average, cookie-cutter plan. I strategically design customized plans to fit your specific body type, hormone levels, time-constraints, dietary likes and dislikes, and goals. You can expect weekly check-ins and unlimited email support with any of my plans as well as exercise recommendations.

What you get:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Customized Macro-Nutritent Calculations and/or Meal Plan based on lifestyle and personality
  • 20-page nutrition booklet
    • Explanation of protein, carbs, and fats
    • Meal timing
    • Intro to counting macros
    • Sodium, water, and sugar recommendations
    • Supplement guidance
    • Metabolism boosting superfoods
    • My favorite macro-friendly recipesLife in Spandex Nutrition Coaching - IIFYM
  • Training Guidance
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Timely email support (for the length of the program) from me! None of your questions will go unanswered.

You will also receive continuing education to help with lifelong habit changes:

  • Learn how to eat to reach attainable goals and not give up your social life, favorite foods, or sanity. 
  • Understand your hormones’ response to food.
  • Learn about macro-nutrients, how much to eat, and when to eat them.
  • Reveal the best foods to burn fat and boost your metabolism. 

**Can be tailored to any dietary needs – vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, etc!

Duration Options:
4-Week Nutritional Coaching
6-Week Nutritional Coaching 
8-Week Nutritional Coaching
**Please note, it is important to see how the body responds after 2 to 3 weeks of initial set macros/meal plan. Adjustments will be made after the first 2 to 3 weeks based on results.
Other Services Include: 
One-time Macro-Nutritent Calculation
Includes: Initial Consultation, Customized Macro-nutrient Calculation, training of how to track macro-nutrients, understanding of each macro-nutrient
Kitchen Overhaul
Grocery Store Trip


****Email your goals and receive more information and pricing!****

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