Nutrition Q&A Video – Night Time Snacking, Weight Loss Supplements, and More!

Nutrition Q&A Video - Night Time Snacking, Weight Loss Supplements, and More!

Yes, it’s finally here! After weeks of procrastination, I’ve made the Nutrition Q&A video I promised you on this blog post and this Instagram post!

So why the wait? Well, for one, I not only had to find the time to film but also make myself look decent (yes, I washed my hair and put on makeup for this video! #killinit). As a blogger, I’m more comfortable with my writing voice, and my writing, um, uniform? It’s easy to write anytime when the inspiration strikes knowing that if I’m sporting a wet, post-workout bun and bleach stained sweatpants it won’t be seen by anyone.

However, I’m always wanting to help all of you with your health journeys in the best way possible. A Q&A blog post would be too much text. I don’t want you to skim over important information because there’s just too much to read. So, I put on my big girl shoes and got the courage to awkwardly watch myself talk into my iPhone camera, act natural, (hopefully) be charming, and speak complete, informative, and interesting thoughts. It was not as easy as I had hoped. But I did it! And, I really hope you like it :).

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22 thoughts on “Nutrition Q&A Video – Night Time Snacking, Weight Loss Supplements, and More!

  1. Nice video. But with your answer to ‘how much protein to have?’ 1g per pound of body weight per day is fine for any healthy individual. Around 5 doses of 20-30g over of 4-6 meals is around optimal to promote muscle protein synthesis and increase lean mass. I reccomend you read up on the literature particularly papers from Professor Stuart Phillips at McMaster University

  2. Emily, this video is awesome. You were worried for absolutely no reason. I totally agree this would have been way too much text for a blog post. Super informative and I look forward to more!

  3. Great job! Informative and thorough. I learned some tools that I can use :). I love the intro to that video too. Impressed!

  4. It’s a boredom thing for me. But I love the idea of greek yogurt and almonds. I usually choose to do a yoga video and then if I still want something I go for it.

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