NEW Sculpted Arms Workout & The Importance of Continuing Your Healthy Lifestyle in Winter!

I’m about to go to my first shift as a Personal Trainer at Peninsula Wellness Center! But first, I will leave you with a workout that’s guaranteed to sculpt sexy shoulders and arms. Remember, ladies, it’s very important to incorporate strength training into your workouts to sculpt those muscles, trim down fat, and maintain bone density. Hear me now so I don’t have to repeat this every time I put up a new weight lifting routine – “Weight lifting will NOT make you bulky!” It takes women a lot of effort to build muscle at all, and very specific nutrition and weight lifting routines to get a more “built” look. My workouts will shape feminine curves and help you burn calories all day long, even when you are sitting on your perky booty!

I personally love my cardio, and it’s a very important part of a balanced exercise regimen. It relieves stress and gives me that post-exercise high. However, running or walking at a steady pace alone will only burn calories while you’re exercising and most likely you’re actually burning a lot less than you think! If you love your long, steady cardio, go for it! Or maybe take it up a notch with some intervals. Then, make sure to pair it with a strength routine like this. I don’t care if you use 5 lb or 15 lb dumbbells, I just want you to keep proper form and also feel challenged by the last 5 reps of each exercise.

Life in Spandex - Sexy Arms Workout

Here are video tutorials of these exercises if you are unfamiliar: Squat, biceps dumbbell curl to overhead press; Reverse flies with dumbbells; Tricep kickbacks; Renegade rows with a push up; Deadlift to upright row; Lateral arm lifts

Now for my soapbox about winter workouts and nutrition!

Summer may be a distant memory (unless you also live in California where we’ve gotten relentless beach weather. No, I’m not complaining). But remember, your fitness journey is a lifestyle. If you stop training now, it will be just as hard next spring when you decide you need to get in shape. Dedicate yourself to your regimen now! Make a vow to yourself, hopefully not only to look great in your Halloween costume or holiday dress. What will make a workout routine and good nutrition stick is realizing (and feeling) how important they are for your overall physical and mental health. With winter comes shorter days and less time outside. Many people deal with symptoms of depression during the winter months because of these climate and lifestyle changes. But guess what, I have the perfect drugs to cure that! Yep, exercise and eating right!

Winter Fitness Tips

As the days get cooler, I actually tend to really kick my butt into gear. There’s something about fall that I find really motivating. Maybe its the old habit of getting ready for a new school year or  because there’s less temptation to throw my hands in the air and take off to spend a day at the beach instead of working out. I understand that you may not feel the same, so I will try one more tactic and give you another little piece of advice – Summer bodies are made in the winter! You heard me correctly, getting in shape is not an overnight process. So, if you want to start next summer looking and feeling your best, stick with it! You’re already doing so well!

I workout because I love my body

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