My Trip to Southern California and a No Gym Needed Booty Superset Workout

Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts, newbies, and dreamers! I know, I know, I didn’t post last Sunday as promised. However, I have a very good excuse! I was rooting on the Giants at Dodger Stadium with my family in a beautiful ballpark suite to celebrate Father’s Day :). Unfortunately, we lost but we won the previous two, so I guess it’s ok. Regardless, it was a beautiful weekend spent with a whole bunch of people I love so I can’t really complain.

Here are some photos from my trip!

Healthy Lunch ideas

My delicious lunch out by the pool! Yummy veggies 🙂

Booty Workout

Of course my first stop was to Lululemon to treat myself to some new gear! What ya think?

Family At the Baseball Game

My brother and I at Dodger Stadium rooting on the Giants!

Family At the Baseball Game

Celebrating Dad on Father’s Day at Dodger Stadium rooting on the Giants!

Family At the Baseball Game

Go Giants!

I have been totally OBSESSED with Superset workouts lately. They really get your heart-rate up and time goes by quickly because you’re constantly changing up the exercises. When I was in Southern California this past weekend, I lacked motivation to workout because, well, the sun was shining, the pool was heated, my family was around, and I was in vacation mode. My aunt and uncle have a little home gym, but it lacked space and equipment. So, I came up with this awesome No Gym Needed Booty Workout that you can do anywhere – I love taking it outside! All you’ll need is a set of dumbbells (or two).

No Gym Needed Booty Superset Workout

I designed this workout to sculpt your entire lower body, concentrating on lifting that booty! When you want to burn major calories, build muscle, burn fat, and get an amazing post-workout high in a short amount of time, focus on your biggest muscles. These are mainly found waist down! To amp it up, I included short cardio bursts at a high-intensity to give you an amazing burn for hours after you’re done working out!

No Gym Needed Booty Superset Workout


Exercise Explanations: Weighted squats, One leg deadlift, Alternating curtsey lunge to lateral leg lift, Pistol squat, Weighted bridges, Crab toe touch

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