My First Vlog – Maui, a Booty Workout, & Pancakes!

Aloha! I’m in heaven enjoying a vacation in Maui with my dad and brother. Every morning I’ve gotten up early without issue (Maui is three hours behind PST) to pump out some awesome workouts before heading out for beach time, adventures, shopping, and relaxing. All of my favorite things wrapped up into one beautiful island. More of my trip to come in later blog posts!

Booty Workout Video in Maui


Funny enough, though, one of the things I’m enjoying most is the extra time I have to produce content for you guys 🙂 – starting with this vlog! Which, if any of you don’t know, stands for a “video blog.”

In this vlog, you’ll get a peak inside of my morning routine here in Hawaii, a booty and leg workout, and the recipe for my favorite 150 calorie protein pancakes! I hope you enjoy it!

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Once you watch it, let me know if you liked it in the comment box below. Would you babes be interested in seeing more vlogs? If so, any specific content you’d be interested in watching?

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9 thoughts on “My First Vlog – Maui, a Booty Workout, & Pancakes!

    1. Hi Shirl! Thanks for commenting 🙂

      The ingredients are listed in the video, did you see them? To make the pancakes, preheat a pan on med/high heat. Spray pan with non-stick cooking spray. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into the pan into medium sized pancakes. Cook until bubbles form on the top of the pancakes. Flip and cook for another minute or two until pancakes are cooked through! Hope this helps!

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