My All-Natural Waist Trimmer Is Not What You Think!

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The thing most women desire? A small waist. However, we also crave wine nights with girlfriends, indulging in a dark chocolate bar while watching Netflix, sleeping in instead of going to the gym, and sometimes eating a gosh darn slice of pizza. These are all healthy desires and they are absolutely okay in moderation! I don’t ever want you to feel like you have to give up your favorite guilty-pleasures in order to attain a specific body-type. It’s just not realistic or fun to maintain a lifestyle of restriction, counting, and obsessing. For most, it’s just down-right miserable. However, this doesn’t mean your dream of attaining an hour-glass figure is over. I have a little secret up my sleeve to make your waist look smaller without losing a pound!

Am I saying you should use this little trick and throw all of the healthy eating and workout advice I’ve ever given you. Of course not! Are you crazy?! We will never feel our best if we don’t take care of ourselves from he inside out. However, not everyone can attain an itty-bitty waist. The size of your waist can depend on the size of your rib cage, bone structure, genetics, and so much more. This is okay! You can still look hot, feel fit, and be a confident bombshell. I will show you how to create curves, feel feminine and sexy, and ready to rock your favorite holiday dresses with this Sculpted Shoulders Workout for a Smaller Waist!

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18 thoughts on “My All-Natural Waist Trimmer Is Not What You Think!

  1. argh!! I *know* I need to do this but I always procrastinate! As I write, I’m sitting on my butt, curled up in a fleece pullover, drinking coffee (with a shot of Baileys because it’s the weekend)!

  2. Nice workout. I am in a wheelchair…but can manage most of them. I need to increase the strength in my arms. I use my arms to transfer from in and out of my wheelchair. Hard for me to bear weight.

    1. Definitely give it a try! Just start off with light weight and you can always modify the plank by coming down on your knees. Just make sure your hips stay in line with your back! No lifting them up or letting them sink down. Form first!! Xo

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