Calorie Blasting Upper Body Sculpting Superset Workout

Before I jump into sharing an awesome new workout for you guys, I have to give a shoutout to my amazing boyfriend, R, for winning a major amateur golf tournament this weekend! A big congratulations is due to the 2015 NCGA Strokeplay Champion. I am so proud to see all of his hard work pay off after a three-year winless drought. His work ethic and perseverance through so much turmoil truly inspires me everyday to do the same in my line of work. You can see the whole recap and interview here!

NCGA Strokeplay Championship -  Poppy Hills, CA

Two weeks ago I shared a lower-body, booty-blasting workout designed to burn major calories and sculpt your back side with minimal equipment. All of you loved it so much I decided to share it’s upper body sister with you! Say hello to a 20-minute workout that will keep your heart rate up while toning your shoulders, back, arms, and abs. Complete two to three times a week on non-consecutive days for peak results!

Upper Body Superset workout feature image

Each superset is composed of a strength exercise followed by a hybrid (strength and cardio) exercise designed to increase your metabolism for hours after the workout is done!

Upper Body Superset Workout

**Try to get as many reps as possible done during the allotted time for each of the timed exercises.

Exercise Explanations: Dumbbell lateral arm raises; mountain climbers; tricep dips; push up to side plank; dumbbell bicep curl to overhead press; plank to row

The sun in shining, take this workout outside! Tell me in the comments below, what’s your favorite outdoor workout?

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