Bounce Back Fat Blasting Workout

Bounce Back Fat Burning HIIT Workout

Feeling a little bit… fluffy? I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoyed the holidays thoroughly, indulging way more than I normally do. I don’t stress about a little bloating, water weight, or extra “fluff” because I created timeless memories. Plus, I know how to help my body bounce back quickly!

During the last couple weeks of December I let myself enjoy holiday desserts, champagne, refined carbohydrates full of gluten and cheese, and sometimes sleep in instead of working out. But I’m over it! I started to feel a change in my energy levels, my skin broke out, my productivity dwindled, and my pants felt a little tight. I knew it was time to get back to my normal clean diet, sleep patterns, and workouts. Less than a week back at it and I already notice a difference. My stomach is flatter, my skin glows, and I’m an energizer bunny once again! It’s fair to say I’m hooked on this “fitlife” thang!

If you’re not quite there and need a little extra boost sometimes all it takes is the right workout. When you want to burn lots of calories in minimal time, target your bigger muscle groups! The extra sugar and carbohydrates you ate are stored as glycogen in your body. The best way to deplete them is through a total body work out that also gets your heart rate up. That’s why I designed this Bounce Back Fat Blasting HIIT Workout! It will rev your metabolism, sculpt all your major muscle groups, and turn on your fat burning potential! This workout will leave you with a post-workout high that will  motivate you to get back at it the next day.

Bounce Back Fat Burning Workout


Bounce Back Fat Burning Workout

Once you’ve completed your HIIT Workout, check in with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can upload a photo or just post a new status update with #lifeinspandex 🙂 Let me know how it goes and comment below! I want to hear from you.


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14 thoughts on “Bounce Back Fat Blasting Workout

  1. This is great! I’m about to have a baby (any minute now!) and am already trying to plan for losing the baby weight afterwards. Bookmarking this to help me out!

  2. Whew, I’m outa breath after those!! Feels great. I did a more low intensity (no real jumps) version, and in a couple cases just extended the set for a few more seconds. Came up to releve’ instead of the squat jumps. Thanks for jumpstarting my New Year Em; I needed a boost after the holiday goodies – maybe I should just throw them out now??
    Love and hugs,
    Mom 😉

  3. I need a fat blasting bounce back workout but this looks like its hard on the knees. Ive had issues since a dance team incident in high school any suggested modifications?

    1. Absolutely! Sub the squat jumps and jump
      Lunges for regular squats and lunges. If these are still too hard on your knees, try holding a plank or doing mountain climbers. Instead of the tuck jumps, just march in place. If that feels okay you can try skipping in place. Hope this helps!!

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