7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

Motivation is not a constant. Inspiration comes in waves. I’m sure you’ve experienced that “Monday” feeling where you decide to put the world on your shoulders and sprint only to find yourself feeling burnt out 2 weeks later.

The feeling is fleeting because most of us resist monotony. Even I have days where I don’t feel like going to the gym or decide to set fire to the wind and enjoy an indulgent treat. On occasion, going to happy hour with your friends instead of going to the gym or eating pizza instead of your normal healthy dinner is absolutely okay (and actually good for your mental health)! But, if you find yourself still not feeling motivated to sweat or make good nutritional choices the next day, you may be headed towards a fitness slump. When your motivation is lacking, you need to have clear and specific goals that you can refer back to and help keep you going. (More to come on this later!)

Will power, however, is much easier to utilize when these moments happen infrequently. I’ve found a few ways to beat the exercise slump and eliminate burn out. I’m sharing them with you today! Aren’t you lucky. 🙂

7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

  1. Mix it up!

Still doing the same workout after 4 weeks? Not only are you probably bored, but your progress is too! Our body will naturally adapt to the external stresses placed on it. To avoid plateaus, make sure you’re mixing up your routine at least every 4 weeks. You don’t necessarily have to change the exercises themselves but you must change the intensity, rest time, or speed at the very minimum. Not sure where to start? Try out my new Upper Body Sculpting and Booty Superset workouts! Then follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily motivation!

  1. Establish a motivating pre workout ritual.

May I introduce you to the best pre-workout supplement out there? Coffee! Not only does its natural caffeine give you an extra little jolt, it also increases your endurance and pain tolerance so you can push through that last mile or couple of reps! I have one or two shots of espresso with unsweetened almond milk or a coffee protein shake about 30 minutes before my workout. You must drink extra water too, though! Coffee is a natural diuretic and can dehydrate the heck out of you! When I work out early in the mornings I don’t really eat much, maybe half of a banana or a couple chugs of a kombucha drink. When I work out later in the day, I make sure to eat a balanced meal that includes protein and carbs about 2-3 hours prior. If I’m hungry again right before my workout, I’ll have a small piece of fruit, a protein shake, or some rice crackers for quick acting, easily digestible energy.

7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

  1. Find a workout partner in crime.

On days where you can’t seem to hold yourself accountable, find someone else to! This can be a workout buddy, group exercise class (many will charge you if you cancel within 2 hours of class, adding incentive!), or even a personal training session. Knowing that someone else is relying on you to sweat can be that extra push to keep you going.

7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

My 6am barre class – If we’re up and working at 6am, so are you!

Don’t have access to a gym, classes, or a personal trainer? I offer affordable, customized online personal training. Rates and more information here! I eliminate all your excuses and give you one-on-one attention to keep you on track.

7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

  1. Take progress photos.

If you’ve ever started a strength training program you know that your body weight may not be the best way to judge progress. For one, muscle is denser than fat. This means that your pant size may shrink more than the number on the scale. To paint a picture for you, five pounds of fat looks like three grapefruits whereas five pounds of muscle looks like three tangerines! Progress photos allow you to notice even the smallest changes. Hello sexy muscles! Take a shameless mirror selfie or have someone you trust take them of you. Make sure to take your photos in the same lighting and wearing the same style of clothing. Then, enjoy your transformation!

7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

  1. Take at least one rest day a week. I mean it!

Your muscles need rest in order to fully recover and appear sculpted and your brain needs a recharge too! If you’ve been working out every day for weeks you may be feeling exhausted both mentally and physically. Put your right hand up next to your head and take this oath, “I, (say your name), will take 1-2 rest days per week to let my muscles rebuild, my mind relax, and my motivation reset!”

Rest Day Meme

  1. Music, baby!

A workout without music is like peanut butter without banana. Okay, let’s be real, peanut butter is heaven’s gift to fitties everywhere. Just give me a spoon! But, you get what I mean. Music has been proven to increase motivation and the amount of work you put into your workouts! I love using Spotify or 8tracks (you can download these apps on your phone) to find new music.

  1. Follow me 🙂

Studies have shown that looking at other people working out increases your drive to exercise and looking at healthy food increases your desire to eat well! I post delicious and healthy food pics, workouts, and motivational photos to my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts frequently to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey!

7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

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Tell me in the comment box below, what’s your best fitness motivation tips??


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3 thoughts on “7 Ways to Stay Out of an Exercise Rut

  1. 1. Well, you are definitely a motivational force for me!
    2.. Paying for my gym membership
    3. Wanting to live a long healthier and happier life: long term goal
    4. Finding varied classes to take: yoga, Powersculpt, Barre/cardio…
    5. Being vain- Yes, it helps!! A lot 😉
    6. Hanging with fit people. Family, friends, co-workers, boyfriend
    7. Being around unfit people! Don’t want to go there

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