Hump Day Build a Booty 20-Minute Hill Climb Routine!

It’s Hump Day #fitfam! You know what that means… focusing on that booty! It’s officially October (and the month of my birth, FYI!). Even though our bikinis may be stashed, a perky booty is a great accessory year round. Personally, since I live a life in spandex (did I mention one of my favorite brands, Athleta, is have a sale – Pants Up to 50% Off?!) and Zumba® wear Fitness Apparel, making sure my tush and hamstrings are firm is, well, non-negotiable. Lucky for me, busting my butt in the gym, at the barre, or in a Zumba® class is what motivates me to get up everyday. It’s my passion. Most of you probably think I’m crazy. But, hey, that’s Read More