How to Train Your Brain to Reach Your Fitness Goals – And Why It’s Key!

You know that feeling you get when your heart sinks, your stomach’s in knots, your breathing becomes short, and your heart rate increases? Most of us associate these feelings with anxiety, or some threat to our survival. I got these feelings when I visited my hometown this week to see my hair stylist, catch up with my mom, and for a lunch meeting. As soon as I drove by the mall of my teen years, heard the familiar noises of birds and fancy cars humming, and saw all the Silicon Valley techies swarm into the local lunch spots my stomach sank. This is not the normal reaction I usually feel when I go home. Home is usually my comfort zone, the place Read More

Gluten-Free and Superfood Packed Black Bean Brownies

When those chocolate-cravings hit, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a oozy-gooey, rich brownie. That is, until you start to feel that bubble of guilt grow inside of you and it seems like you hindered any fitness progress you’ve made. First off, if you do ever eat a real brownie when you are trying to eat healthy, please do not let this feeling of guilt last for more than a couple of minutes. Instead, forgive yourself, know that you have not completely ruined all progress, and just continue to eat on plan. One of the worst things you can do after indulging a little is let those feelings of failure take over the rest of your diet that Read More

Fat Blasting Quick HIIT Treadmill Routine

Once word spread that I was studying to become a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, the questions began flooding in. I  bet you can guess what the majority of those questions were about. Most likely because for the majority of you, you probably have the same burning ones. Take your guess? The answer, my friends, is – “How do I lose fat in my (fill in the blank)?” Well, if you’ve heard it before, you know, there is no such thing as spot reduction. This means that training one of your ’trouble spots’ does not make excess weight in that area magically disappear. Will you build and stregthen that body part? Absolutely! And this is great for Read More

Hello and Welcome!

Well, here it is, the first official blog post of Life in Spandex. Welcome! I have taken days thinking about the best way to introduce myself, my transition from corporate marketing to health and fitness, and my vision for this blog. Then it hit me, this blog (and my recent decision to leave corporate marketing and pursue my dream) is a rebellion against perfection, counting, and meticulous practices that have left us as women feeling insecure, incompetent, and invaluable. Well screw it! This first blog post will be just as imperfect as me.  So here I am, introducing myself in the raw, free of judgement and fear, it is so nice to meet you all!  You may have come to my site because Read More