12 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 7: Silent Night Stretch Routine

Day 7 Stretch Yoga Routine

You’ve made it through the first half of the challenge! You’re frickin’ Wonder Woman. Today, I want you to let your body rest and recover with a rejuvenating stretch routine. Pull out your yoga mat, some relaxing tunes, maybe even light a couple of holiday candles, and give your muscles the TLC they deserve.

Have you heard?!

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Share the Love Challenge

I also want to challenge you to spread inspiration today. Check out the #lis12daysoffitness and comment on at least one other girls’ check-in from the challenge! The 12 Days of Fitness Challenge is special because you have each other to lean on when you feel tired, want to skip your workout, or are trying to refrain from holiday treats. Remind another member how we are in this together! Strength in numbers, ladies. Now, let’s make the second half of the challenge even better than the first!

12 Days of Fitness Day 7 Stretch Yoga Routine

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