12 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 2: Holiday HIIT Workout

12 Days of Fitness Holiday HIIT Workout

It’s already Day 2 of your 12 Days of Fitness Holiday Workout Challenge! How are you feeling? Remember, you can do anything for 12 days. It will be so worth it once you slip into your favorite holiday dress and welcome 2017 feeling refreshed and renewed.

We’re taking it up a notch today with your Holiday HIIT Workout! HIIT is one of my favorite forms of exercise because it burns major calories while also building muscle. Talk about a double wammy!  Anytime I do HIIT, I feel like I’m glowing the rest of the day. You’re going to feel so energized and your calorie burn is increased for hours after you finish your workout. Grab a set of dumbbells that challenge you on the last two to three reps of each exercise and let’s get this done, girl!

LIS-Day 2 - Holiday HIIT Workout

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    1. You’ve got your hands full!!! These workouts would be perfect for you cause they’re about 30 min or less :). Yes jump on in whenever you’re ready. Congrats on finishing this semester! You got this, Emily 🙂

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